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April 30th – May 09th, 2024

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Tour Overview

Nicaragua — An Adventure in Diversity

This complete 10 day / 9 night tour highlights the amazing diversity of Nicaragua. On this tour you will fill your bucket list with once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences including filling the buckets of others with hands on charity work.

In this action packed adventure we will give back and help build much needed shelter for the unfortunate families that call Cristo Rey their home, discover the beautiful 16th century colonial city of Granada, see active volcanoes and soak up the beautiful natural treasures of the hip Emerald Coast surf town — San Juan Del Sur.

Extra adventure and relaxation await if you choose to extend your tour in this amazing country. Let us create a personalized itinerary from camping on top of an active volcano, visiting a decadent remote Caribbean island or spending time in the mountains learning about coffee, rum and cigars. The adventures are endless and we are here to help you plan something special.

Get a glimpse of what you will Experience

This complete 10 day / 9 night tour highlights the diversity of Nicaragua. Give back and help build much needed shelter for the unfortunate families that call Cristo Rey their home. Discover the beautiful colonial city of Granada, active volcanoes and the wonderful natural treasures of the Pacific coast surf town San Juan Del Sur. Enjoy 3/4+ star accommodations along the trip and excellent service. All provided in the comfort of a private bus with expert guides and local translator.

  • Roll up your sleeves and build homes that will change people lives for the better.
  • Take a magical boat / kayak tour thru the 365 tiny isletas of Lake Managua.
  • Walking Tour in Granada, a 16th century colonial city.
  • Visit a bustling craft market for an authentic shopping experience.
  • Tour the active Massaya volcano “up close”!
  • Climb the “stairs” to one of the tallest Jesus statues.
  • 3-4 Star accommodations including some amazing meals.
  • Surf and swim at uncrowded epic beaches.
  • Get involved and give back with food programs to feed the hungry.
  • Relax on a sunset catamaran cruise along the pacific coastline.
Shocking Views

Get ready for the best vacation ever!

“Absolutely magical!
A memorable bonding experience for my daughter and I.”

What an incredible journey we had in Nicaragua. The opportunity to engage in hands on charity work was a humbling experience, and it felt wonderful to give back.

One of the highlights of the trip was witnessing an active volcano up close. If you’re an adventurer, you’ll appreciate the adrenaline rush that comes from exploring these natural wonders.

The entire trip was expertly organized by Club Need Travel, and every detail was taken care of. Our group was fun and easy-going, making the experience even more enjoyable. I can’t recommend this tour enough if you’re looking for a mix of adventure, cultural exploration, and the chance to make a positive impact.